Madeira has fascinating landscapes, whatever is the point of view, but from a cable car, the views are TOP! The silence, the blue skies and the surrounding scenery are unforgettable. It is an experience that not only creates an adrenaline rush but also evokes mixed feelings of ecstasy, curiosity, and peace.

Let’s go!

1. Funchal Cable Car

This cable car travels from the old part of Funchal to Monte (560 meters of altitude). The highest tower of the route is 39 meters high, and each journey takes about 20 minutes.

The main highlights of this trip are the fabulous views over Funchal. Imagine flying over the different blue shades of the sea and sky, the houses, the Cathedral’s tower, the colourful bougainvillaea, as well as the bridges, roads and streams that meander through this beautiful city.

Along the way, the Nossa Senhora do Monte Church becomes a point of reference. As we approach it, we feel as if we entered a green and welcoming world with gardens, flowers and “quintas” (local manor houses), where tranquillity remains. If you want to take this cable car trip you can obtain more information on this site:


2. Botanical Garden Cable Car

A trip on this cable car takes about 9 minutes. It’s the ideal choice if you plan to visit the Botanical Gardens and Monte on the same day.

The main highlights of this cable car are the aerial views over the Ribeira of João Gomes Valley, with many trees and several waterways while reaching an altitude of 100 meters!

On the return trip from the Botanical Gardens, the blue sea on the horizon makes us relax and dream about the next journey. Learn more at


3. Achadas da Cruz Cable Car

The Achadas da Cruz cable car is one of the main attractions on the north coast of Madeira. It’s located in Porto Moniz, and is about 450 meters high. The cable car takes us to Achadas da Cruz, in Fajã da Quebrada Nova. Next to the cable car, there is a pebble path, which brings us to the final destination, after 2 hours of walking.

This inspiring place conveys peace and serenity.

Going down the slope, covered in green vegetation and flowers, while watching the sea in the distance, the birds and the Fajã’s agricultural fields, is a magical moment.

Although the seawater at Fajã is crystal clear, it is not advisable to swim there, given the strength of the sea current. Take your time to enjoy the views and the walks which are so much more special than it may seem at first sight … It’s pure nature!


4. Garajau Cable Car

The Garajau cable car is only a 15-minute drive from Funchal. It is located next to the statue of Christ. It is one of the best places to see the sunset. The cable car has about 150 meters of vertical rise, from the Garajau Beach. There is also a car park, a restaurant and a diving centre nearby.

The main highlight of this cable car trip is the easy access to Garajau beach, where there is a marine reserve – the Garajau Nature Reserve. It is one of the best places for diving in Madeira, thanks to the marine fauna that lives here. It also has excellent geological diversity, evident in Ponta do Garajau coast, next to the beach. It offers captivating views of the sea and Funchal’s bay.


5. Fajã dos Padres Cable Car

Fajã dos Padres is one of the most unique places on Madeira Island. There are only two ways to get there: by boat or by cable car. It’s located in Quinta Grande, about 10 minutes’ drive from Funchal.

The descent over 300 meters is magical! We can see and feel the grandeur of Madeira’s nature. Getting to Fajã dos Padres is like entering a world of well-being, made of beautiful nature, fruit trees, flowers, sea and tranquillity. Under the vineyard’s shade or the beach palm trees nearby the restaurant, you will find plenty of opportunities to relax, listen to the sea and feel happy. Dive into the clear waters, look at the sky and mountains from the sea … create good memories!!

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Whether in the city, gardens, valleys, cliffs or beaches, cable car trips in Madeira offer a fantastic view of the Island. The feeling is indescribable – best is to see it for yourself!