We are delighted to invite you to celebrate the anniversary of Madeira and Porto Santo!

These Atlantic Islands celebrate six centuries of life, since the arrival of the first navigators to Porto Santo.

In this big party, which runs from 2018 until 2020, we will remember the most remarkable moments in the history of these two islands with all the best that they have to offer.

Let’s see shows, exhibitions, artistic and cultural interventions.

Let’s recover and conserve assets. We will publish books and issue stamps, medals and coins alluding to this anniversary. We will toast with Madeira wine and delight ourselves with regional gastronomy.

In this celebration, there will be culture, fine arts, and fun.

We have many reasons to celebrate!

In the Madeira Archipelago, in every nook and corner, there are 600 years of history and heritage. There are cultural traditions and a well-established Catholic religion present in several churches scattered throughout the island. The economy derived from the production of wine has led Madeira to be recognised in the four corners of the world and to proliferate to the present day. The hospitality of the Madeiran people, the pleasant climate, the beauty of the landscapes, the sea right in front of you  and the Laurissilva forest is a natural treasure that enchants any visitor. Tourism grows, and with it, new interests, new challenges, and discoveries arise.

There is a cultural, natural, and social heritage that we need to celebrate.



The celebrations began on November 15 2017, in the Portuguese capital.

The meeting point was next to the Tagus, at the National Museum of Ancient Art (MNAA), in the exhibition “The Islands of White Gold.”

This museum gathers real treasures of Portuguese public art, from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. This exhibition is named “The Islands of white gold” because it was thanks to sugar, the “white gold,” that the economic and social development of this archipelago begins. Sugar, which was worth gold at that time, was used in commerce as a bargaining chip for objects of singular patrimonial value. This exhibition will gather part of this patrimony, exposing about 100 works commissioned in the 15th and 16th centuries. They come from private collections, churches, and museums such as the Museum of Sacred Art of Madeira.

Lisbon saw the birth of the Era of Discoveries, and that’s where we begin our celebration.


We do not want to reveal everything but we guarantee that many surprises will be waiting for you.

Can we count on you?

You can find more information about the ceebrations,here.