Imagine huge green mountains, just a few meters away from the coast, with the sound of waves rolling on pebble beaches…

On the North Coast of Madeira, you can discover lava caves, dive in natural pools and chase waterfalls worthy of the best canyoning.

Drive in scenic roads and stroll through the Laurissilva Forest haze. Feel the sunlight lurking between the clouds, with the sea in sight, as the tracks light up in the immensity of the forest.

Discover the pleasures of a typical meal, such as Seixal limpets rice, or Santana homemade bread. Embrace Madeirans great hospitality.  Welcome to the North Coast!


Here are seven experiences not to be missed on the island’s north coast:

1.Swimming in Porto Moniz Natural Pools

The natural pool walls are lava rocks that spontaneously slipped into the sea during volcanic eruptions. Immerse yourself in this breathtaking scenery of unforgettable beauty.


2. Discovering São Vicente Caves

Walk into tunnels naturally excavated by lava, also known as lava tubes. Some of them open-up in galleries with some water (or underground lakes), as it is the case of the so-called “Lago dos Desejos” (Desires Lake). To get to know more about the Island volcanoes, you can visit the volcanism centre nearby.


3. Photograph the Bride’s Veil waterfall

This is a long and fascinating waterfall. It powerfully springs from the mountains, crossing the old road between São Vicente and Seixal, until it finally reaches the sea. When seen from the belvedere, it resembles a perfect Bride’s veil.


4. Relax at Seixal Beach

This natural, fine, black sand beach is bordered on one side by Seixal harbour/pier, and on the other side by an imposing mountain covered with green vegetation. As we enter the sea, the views open onto the north coast. You can also walk through the Seixal streets and vineyards to enjoy this location’s sights – relaxation guaranteed.

Praia do Seixal


5. Take a tour on Achadas da Cruz cable car

The views are incredible and reaching the sea by hopping on a cable car is a second to none thrill. Enjoy the tranquility of this place. If you want to skip the cable car, the alternative is to walk a 5 km trail (about 2 h 30 m walking distance), until you reach the sea. “Vereda do Calhau” is the trail’s name but be careful because the terrain has a sharp unevenness.


6. Walk along Levada do Moinho

This walk begins in Porto Moniz (Santa area) and takes about 3h30m to be completed. It’s an interesting option to discover the Laurissilva Forest, to see beautiful waterfalls and also spot water mills ruins. Find more here.


7. Visit the Miradouro das Cabanas

This belvedere is spectacular. It is located on a curve of the ER 101 road, between São Jorge and Arco de São Jorge. The view extends to the picturesque towns of Boaventura and Ponta Delgada. Here, time seems to stop as the sea blends into the sky on the horizon.

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Happy vacations!