The Best European Island 2018+ info

We are stunning landscapes, dense verdant forests, volcanic mountains, flower gardens with exuberant colours, the taste of passion fruit and swimming in the Atlantic’s blue waters. We are the destination for those seeking a bluer sky and brighter sun, we are warmth and smiles, an exemplary hospitality which brings peace of mind and security.


We are a destination with mild weather all year around, with many different microclimates. This means that in a few kilometers the scenery can change. If you want to go for a walk, there’s nice cool air to keep you company through the Levadas in the mountains; If you prefer a nice boat tour, the sun and warm waters invite you to go for a swim. The southern slope is sunnier and the northern slope is more humid, so your tours can be practically planned by the centigrade degree. At Porto Santo Island the climate tends to be dryer, but it´s never too hot. It’s the perfect climate for exploring the islands in shirtsleeves (but with good walking shoes, a coat and of course, sunglasses.)


We are a Portuguese island chain with four groups of islands: Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens, and only the two larger islands (Madeira and Porto Santo) are inhabited. The other islands (Desertas and Selvagens) are natural reserves which do justice to their names.