You’ve probably heard of the New Year’s Eve firework display in Madeira but do you know what happens during the summer?


The Atlantic Festival is an annual event, where you can get a glimpse of the traditional New Year’s fireworks, accompanying musical spectacles during the four Saturdays in June. Be dazzled by the color, luminosity and spectacle of the rockets, whose eruptions crescendo with music, which echo in the skies of Funchal. These shows have an average duration of 20 minutes and occur next to the city quay.

Locals and visitors flock down town, to live the charm of a hot summer night as they enjoy the magic of the music and the fireworks.


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During this festival, other events also lead us to daydream, through music, art and some local traditions.

– Music

Under the canopy of trees, in the gardens of Quinta Magnólia, you can watch one of the oldest festivals of World Music, the Raízes do Atlântico Festival. Discover the new Portuguese and international musical trends, while relaxing on beautiful lawns, illuminated by soft lamps and good energies. This festival lasts three days and enriches the cultural offerings of this island. If you want to know more click here.

On Saturdays, there’s also music by the sea with “Sunsets”. This is an event with live D.J performances, musical hits and dance, as the sun sets, in Praça do Povo.

– Art

In the “Regional Arts Week” students from the local schools exhibit their beautiful artwork on the streets of Funchal, namely Avenida Arriaga and Jardim Municipal. Get to know the student’s creative artistic expressions, plastic modeling and molding, singing and dancing. You can attend concerts, exhibitions and theaters, exclusive to the annual theme. Walk along Avenida Arriaga, whose artistically decorated trees, fill the city with joy and movement.

– Traditions

In June, celebrate summer solstice, through Marches and neighbourhood parties.

These pay homage to three saints (Santo António, São João and São Pedro). Enjoy the sounds of traditional music, the festive decorations made from colorful paper flowers and beautiful saints altars. Indulge yourself with the typical food, namely marinated tuna, beans and baked mash. Taste the local bread at the Bread’s Fair, a fundraising event organised by the Funchal Lions Club.





Come and live these dreamy nights of joy, color, dance, music, love, friendship, family and seasonal scents.

Let’s make a toast to a great summer in Madeira, do not give up on your dreams!

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