Canyoning is an exhilarating sport that takes place in a mountainous watercourse where you have to overcome the obstacles of nature, you have to swim, jump and do rappels in beautiful waterfalls.

This is an activity that guarantees strong emotions and unforgettable moments close to nature, where you will discover what few people know.

Madeira Island has all the conditions for an amazing canyoning experience. Try Canyoning in Madeira is something unique, that we bet you’ll never forget.



There are plenty of canyons that can be explored in Madeira, this one we’re going to tell you about is called Ribeira das Cales.

The journey begins with the pick-up of all of the adventurous in Funchal that made their booking for this amazing activity. When everybody is seated in the van we are ready to go! We are heading up to the hills, to the Ecological Park of Funchal.

This Canyon is situated up in the mountains, at about 1 500 m above sea level. After we arrive to the initial point, everyone gets a neoprene suit and socks of their size as well as the equipment required such as helmets, harnesses and connectors. It’s also possible to rent the canyoning boots which are special for this kind of activity and increase the safety during the trip more than the regular sport shoes. Later, when everyone is dressed up we go towards the Canyon. Before we enter, the guides give us detailed instructions about the safety and behavior. Now we are ready to have fun and explore the beautiful landscape of Madeira that is not possible to access in any other way!



This Canyon has five rappels that we need to overcome. We will rappel down, jump and even swim a bit! The highest rappel has about 12 m, how cool? However, we do not need to be afraid because this Canyoning is at easy level and ideal for all who will do this activity for the first time!



S If we find some difficulties during the trip we do not need to worry because the guides are ready to help us with anything we need. After approximately 2 hours we are done and getting back to the initial point where we are going to change our clothes and return to the city of Funchal.

We always advise you, for security reasons and to guarantee that you’ll have all the equipment needed, to contact a company to try this activity.


For sure a different experience you must try… looking for to see you around!!

Discover Madeira!!