One of the best ways to explore Madeira is by walking on its pedestrian paths: levadas & veredas.

Levadas are centenarian canals built to transport water from the North to the South of the island. Pedestrian paths accompany these channels and are recognized, internationally, for their beauty and uniqueness. Many people visit Madeira, exclusively for visiting these paths. The fusion between the mountains, the Laurissilva Forest (UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Atlantic Ocean, is divine.

Discover the power of this outdoor experience and contemplate the best that Madeira has to offer — pure nature. Feel the energy of this sunlit island and witness the abundance of trees, mountains, waterfalls, flowers and volcanic rocks.



Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trail runner, your preferences will be fulfilled. If you enjoy trekking, radical activities or discovering mystical tours, Madeira is an excellent choice. There is about 3,000 km of trails to explore, and 26 recommended walking routes (24 in Madeira and 2 in Porto Santo). The recommended courses are officially identified and characterized, depending on the time and level of difficulty. Know more about these trails here.



Are you a thrill seeker? Here’s a challenge — take part in one of the legendary Trail / Sky Running events that are part of Madeira Ocean Trails (MOT), integrated into the main world circuits: MIUT, Eco Trail and Ultra SkyMarathon.

Welcome to #themostbeautifultrailsintheworld!! But beware… do not to get lost in such beauty!


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Now, let’s talk a little bit about these events:

The MIUT® – Madeira Island Ultra Trail runs through the island from north-west to the south-east. Cross emblematic sites such as Porto Moniz, Encumeada, Fanal, Chão do Louros Forest Park, the highest peaks of the island, Serra das Funduras and the Machico Valley. The longest race exceeds 100 km and is part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour.

Eco trail combines the sporting component with an ecological concern and takes place in several European cities, namely Paris, Brussels, Oslo, Madrid and Funchal. It runs through the main streets of this town, passing through some gardens (such as the romantic Palheiro Gardens), the Ecological Park, the Areeiro Peak, the São Roque Mountains, the Cedar Peak, the Levada dos Piornais and the beautiful Avenida do Infante.

The Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira takes place in the magnificent landscapes of Santana. This Marathon, whose course has sharp gradients, involves the passage through the diverse areas of Pico Ruivo, São Jorge, Ilha and Queimadas.


Both in Madeira and Porto Santo, you’ll find plenty of other events and courses which are suitable for athletes no matter the level of experience and preparation.

Awaken your body and mind. Feel the joy of running while achieving the desired goal. Conquer the climate, the climbs and the descents in the peaks of Madeira, each one with its particularities, cuts and surrounding beauty.

Climb steps in the mountains, absorb the breath of the sea, discover new paths and be seduced by the unknown. Blend yourself into the ocean landscape that invades the race, this sublime feature of Madeira’s trails.

Admire the golden light of the sun along the trails, the shades of colour between the trees and the stones, and the magic mist floating among the flowers.

Breathe in the smell of eucalyptus, feel the comfort under the crown of the centennial trees, and the happiness of reaching the end of a trail.








From the majestic Pico Ruivo to the breathtaking Pico do Areeiro, admire the contagious beauty of Madeira landscapes…

Discover Madeira!