Life offers opportunities which are unique and breathtaking. Moments, which will remain in peoples memory for a long time. Discovering Madeira’s marine wildlife have the potential to become a once in a life-time experience.

The vulcanic archipelago of Madeira is one of the most isolated oceanic islands in the North-east Atlantic. Up to 28 species of whales and dolphins are registrated for passing by during specific seasons. With its dramatic landscape, the island is surrounded by deep waters and submarine canyons just a few miles offshore. Perfect for deep-diving species such as f.e. spermwhales, beaked and pilot whales.



Want to experience this adventure during your days in the island?

Situated in the marina of Calheta at the south-western coast, Lobosonda offers daily several 2-3 hour trips on small boats. Established in 2003 as a family buisness, it has excellent field experience in the Whale Watching sector. One of the companys main principle is summarised in the guideline: “We are the guests out there“. Emphazising that no animals should harassed or harmed is fundamental for the daily work.



Respectful whale and dolphin watching tours and snorkeling with dolphins

Every tour is unique and starts with a short presentation on sealife and a briefing about safety rules on board. For higher success rates, an experienced land-based spotter help to locate animals on sea and assists with an appropriate approach. Lobosonda’s skipper are trained to navigate in a responsible and respectful way for not disrupting the natural behaviour of the cetaceans.

On board expert guides (biologists, teachers, ocean guides) inform about the biology and behaviour of marine mammals and other oceanic creatures. Aiming to raise environmental awareness, the guides invite their guests to become “marine ambassadors”, believing that everyone on a personal scale can help to save the planets oceans. Every sighting gets recorded and monitored in order to share this data later with the Madeira Whale Museum and the University of Madeira. In this way Lobosonda is contributing to ongoing scientific studies.



Blue Office on land

The landbased Infocenter in the marina provides further information about marine life. The customer find here also statistics about the success of the sailings, a book/library corner and other things to discover.


-Whale watching and dolphin snorkeling trips, duration: 2-3 hours.

-Soft encounters: responsible and respectful observation.

-2 boat types: a Zodiac (rubber boat) with maximum of 12 passengers and a traditional wooden-boat (former fishing boat) with maximum of 16 passengers.

-Expert guides providing information on board.

-Daily Internet blog.

-Contact Information: +351 968 400 980 **


For sure, this is one of the experiences you have to try in Madeira. Don´t miss it!!!