Many people don’t know or even imagine that Madeira’s marine fauna is indeed very rich and that among other activities it is possible to go on boat tours and see dolphins and whales in their natural habitats.

These animals are common and appear all year long and that is why there are many companies specialising in this activity. These companies may provide you with a unique, exceptional experience by the coast of our wonderful Madeira Island.

SCORPIO MADEIRA is one of those companies. It locates in Machico and offers daily boat tours for dolphin and whale watching. If you are looking for a sea adventure, you may contact them For more information, please visit:



This time we went to open sea with Scorpio Madeira. This tour was included in the package named “Afternoon Trip” and we were looking forward to seeing what was coming our way. Expectations were high, as was the potential for a well-spent afternoon. The weather was hot and the skies were blue without a single cloud.

We arrived at Marina of Machico, our meeting point, at 2:45 pm for a briefing and explanations about cares that should be taken during the tour which began at 3:00 pm.

We went aboard Scorpaena, a semi-rigid boat that carried us during all afternoon. Pedro Gomes, the captain, and his team, took us to the dolphins as they do every day. In this tour, we only had the chance to see dolphins because they were the only ones wanting to say “hello”. Whales were shy and didn’t come to us. But there were many dolphins and they were in a good mood. For those who never saw dolphins up close, this experience is undoubtedly amazing, because they come so near the boat that we can almost touch them. It’s even possible to hear them communicating with each other, making their traditional noises. And if this wasn’t enough, they offered us an indescribable show with jumps and pirouettes.



The tour was about two hours along the south coast of Madeira, near Machico, and put a smile on our faces letting us truly satisfied. After all, it’s not every day or everywhere that we are allowed to see these incredible mammals in their natural habitat. In their own way, they seem to communicate happiness and good mood with their playful stunts at sea. Also, being near the sea relaxes and energises us. SCORPIO MADEIRA also catches all garbage spotted during the tour. We have seen only a small amount of garbage. And we were glad it was that way, because that means that the Ocean is not polluted and provides good conditions to marine species.



It was a very pleasant afternoon that undoubtedly stays in the memory of those who have the chance to go on one of these tours. If you are preparing your list of “Activities to do in Madeira”, dolphin and whale watching is without a doubt something you should experience. For more information about this activity, check here.