Imagine a show of flowers, music and dance. It takes place during the month of April or May and lasts for 3 weeks.

This year, 2018, the Flower Festival takes place from the 19th April to the 13th May.

Roses, anthuriums, carnations, birds of paradise, proteas and many other species of flowers, pay tribute to spring and cover the streets of Funchal with colour, joy and natural beauty.

There are several traditions at this event that are not to be missed; street carpets with floral decorations, the Flower Market, the “Wall of Hope”, the Natural Flowers Exhibition, the Allegorical Parade and the classic automobiles Parade.

Walk on the edge of the floral carpets and notice the care and detail present in every step. Each flower is carefully chosen to create the desired effect, in a dreamy rainbow of flowers. Photograph your favourite ones.


Find yourself in the flower market and discover its natural scent, multiplicity and grace.


Feel the enthusiasm around the doves release that accompanies the opening ceremony of the “Wall of Hope”. This mural of flowers covers the lateral façade of the Municipality Square and is made of hundreds of species of flowers, offered by children. Each flower represents a wish to come true, a vow of hope for a better world. This festivity boasts an unforgettable tenderness. It takes place on the first weekend of the Flower Festival, on Saturday morning.


Stroll by the sea, in Praça do Povo, and visit the Natural Flowers Exhibition and local handicrafts. Surprise yourself with the dedication of local producers, who come here to present their best specimens and be rewarded with prizes.

At the central plateau of Avenida Arriaga in Funchal, you can watch the performances of multiple folk groups, musical concerts and street shows that attract thousands of locals and visitors alike.


The highlight of the Flower Festival happens during Sunday afternoon — it’s called the Flower Allegorical Parade. Hundreds of children and young people wander along the streets of Funchal, dressed in flower related costumes. They dance to the sound of music and the clapping hands of thousands of people who visit the city of Funchal, year after year, to watch this parade.

The city becomes a flowery garden, animated by dance, spring colours, joy and much vibration! The floats accompany the children and bring extra euphoria to this parade, with multiple floral decorations, music, art and creativity.


Admire the impressive collection of classic vehicles, present on the island of Madeira, during the “Madeira Auto Parade”. In 1904, Bernard Harvey Foster drove the first car in Funchal. The taste and appreciation for classic automobiles, has remained throughout the centuries, and can also be appreciated on this festival. This parade brings extra elegance and beauty to the Flower Festival. The excellent condition and charm of these automobiles plus the beautifully dressed ladies that accompany the vehicles, with outfits inspired by the olden days, are the ideal ending for this festival.


Come and visit the Madeira Flower Festival! It’s truly one of a kind…

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