The Laurissilva Forest is one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Madeira.


This forest is about 20 million years old, and despite its advanced age, it is full of energy.

In the past, it was distributed in southern Europe and North Africa, but it did not withstand the cold temperatures of the Ice Age, and today it only remains in some areas of the Macaronesia.

The Laurissilva Forest chose Madeira Island to live. It is here that has a greater expression, occupying an area of ​​about 20% of the territory, especially on the north coast of the Island.

In 1999, it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

We feel so lucky to be gifted with this natural beauty.


Let’s meet her together?

This forest is mainly made up of trees, many of which are centennial, such as the Laurel, (Laurus novocanariensis), the Til, (Ocotea fetus), the Barbusan Tree, (Apollonias barbujana), the Madeira Mahogany, (Persea indica), and the lily-of-the-valley-tree, (Clethra arborea).

To name a few flowers, be enchanted by the orchids of the hills, the geraniums with rose petals, and the emblematic Massaroco, (Echium candicans), also known as Pride of Madeira with showy blue leaves.

In the fauna, we can highlight the Trocaz pigeon, (Columba trocaz) and the Bis-bis (Regulus madeirensis).

This forest is moist, with moss decorating the tree trunks and rocks with a lush green mantle.

The environment around you is magical and seductive.

There are some places that you can visit, to get to know better the Laurissilva Forest.


Accept the following suggestions for a beautiful walk:

– Forest Park of Queimadas

The Forest Park of Queimadas is located in Santana and is of an unforgettable beauty. Walk along the Green Cauldron Levada and find the Laurissilva in its pure state. To reach the Green Cauldron, you will have to walk through several tunnels until you reach this magnificent lake, with cascades of invigorating water.


-Paúl da Serra

Glide through the plateau of the Island to reach Fanal and Rabaçal. At “Pico da Urze”, see a grand valley covered by this thriving forest. In this area, there are several areas to be discovered, namely the 25 Fontes. Fanal ‘s centenary trees exhibit a cinematic beauty. Feel the silence and the cool breeze that floats in the sky.


– Chão dos Louros

Walk along this laurel forest and discover the charm of this place, located between Encumeada and São Vicente. The mist mixes with the green lichens, which hang from the trunks of its trees, in a setting that transports us to a fantasy world.


– Chão da Ribeira

The scenery is simple and unpretentious. This valley is located in Seixal, crossed by a river and on its banks the Laurissilva Forest exhibits with pure grace.

It breathes simplicity and natural charm.


– Jardim Botânico

Another way to get to know the Laurissilva Forest is walking in the Botanical Garden, located in Funchal. Around the bust of the notable Agronomist Rui Vieira, there are several emblematic trees of this Forest. In the Museum there are also some embalmed birds, such as Bis-bis and Pigeon-trocaz. This garden is a lovely place! If you are fond of nature, you will surely be dazzled by the huge variety of species that live here.

Breathe in the fresh air of the Laurissilva and feel the purity of this Magic Forest!

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