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Caminho do Pináculo e Folhadal

This path starts on the regional road – 110 on the way up from Encumeada to Paúl da Serra (Lombo do Mouro). It leads to the areas of Bica da Cana, Casa do Caramujo and Folhadal, coming to an end at the regional road – 228 at the Encumeada junction. The path follows Levada da Serra and Levada do Norte, crossing a magnifcent area of natural Laurissilva forest, with Madeiran orchids (Dactylorhiza foliosa), Canary buttercups (Ranunculus cortusifolius), Mandon’s chrysanthemum (Argyranthemum pinnatifdum) and geraniums (Geranium palmatum). Along the route, you will enjoy beautiful views of the valleys of São Vicente and Ribeira Brava and the central mountain range, with Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro standing out. Also you will fnd several levadas and tunnels. At one point the original levada divides into two branches. Here you should take the walkway along Levada do Norte. When you come out of the last tunnel, you will be in the area of Folhadal. At Encumeada, you can take PR 1.3 – Vereda da Encumeada, which leads to Pico Ruivo.

Diffculty: Moderate-Diffcult

Distance: 15,5 km

Duration: 6h30

Highest point: 1620 m

Lowest point: 1000 m

Start: E.R. 110 (Lombo do Mouro)

Finish: Encumeada

Recommendations There are several tunnels on this footpath; carry a torch. The path may be slippery; wear non-slip footwear.

Access: Only by car.