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Vereda da Ilha

This trail starts at the Pico Ruivo shelter. This is the highest peak on the island and can be reached following route PR 1.2 – Vereda do Pico Ruivo. The trail crosses two different ecosystems that are part of the European network of sites of community importance – Natura 2000: the central mountain massif and the Laurissilva forest.

The massif, which covers the highest peaks down to an altitude of 1200 m, is covered by herbaceous and shrubby vegetation, including a heath (Erica scoparia) formerly used to produce charcoal.

When the trail passes over the Vale da Lapa tunnel it meets PR 9 – Levada do Caldeirão Verde, which begins and ends at Queimadas Forest Park.

On the way down, you will fnd the indigenous Madeira – Laurissilva forest, located between 1200 and 400 m above sea level. When walking down the tarmac road, don’t forget to visit Achada do Marques, in Ilha, a small village with traditional terraced felds (poios) and old traditional thatched houses.

Diffculty: Moderate

Distance: 8,2 km / 7 km

Duration: 3h

Lowest point: 485 m

Highest point: 1862 m

Start: Casa de Abrigo do Pico Ruivo

Finish: Freguesia da ilha

Recommendations: The weather can change very easily. Take warm clothing.

Access: Only by car