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Vereda das Funduras

This trail starts next to Portela belvedere, where there is a view of the parishes of Porto da Cruz and Faial.
The walk begins along a forestry track in the Funduras mountains before joining the footpath.
On the way, you will pass a forestry building, “Casa das Funduras”. From here you can walk to the Larano belvedere with a view of the town of Machico.
The trail ends at the hamlet of Maroços, passing the traditional terraced felds that are so typical of the Madeiran agricultural landscape.
In these mountains you will fnd some species typical of the Laurissilva forest, particularly trees such as Canary laurels (Laurus novocanariensis), Madeira laurels (Ocotea foetens), Indian bays (Persea indica), barbusanos (Apollonias barbujana), among others.
On the other side of the valley you can see the Santo da Serra golf course. On the horizon, you can see the Desertas islands and on land the outline of the highest peaks on the island, Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro.
At Portela viewpoint there is a connection to PR 10- Levada do Furado.

Diffculty: Moderate

Distance: 8,7 km

Duration: 3h

Highest point: 605 m

Lowest point: 185 m

Start: Mirador de Portela

Finish: Maroços

Recommendations: Take warm clothing and water.

Access: Buses 20 – Santo da Serra | 53 – Faial