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Vereda do Pico Ruivo

Starting in Achada do Teixeira, this trail climbs up to the island’s highest peak, Pico Ruivo (1862 m).
There are several shelters along this ascent, since the weather can change very abruptly and the area is often surrounded by a sea of clouds.
Near the Pico Ruivo shelter there are 3 other trails: PR 1 – Vereda do Pico do Areeiro (5.1/6.4 km); PR 1.3 – Vereda da Encumeada (8.6 km) which leads west to Encumeada; and PR 1.1 – Vereda da Ilha (8.2 km), which leads down to the parish of Ilha.
The area of Pico Ruivo, part of the Natura 2000 network central mountain massif area, covers the highest peaks and descends to 1200 m above sea level. It is characterised by herbaceous and shrubby vegetation, such as heathers (Erica scoparia ssp madeirensis and Erica arborea), adapted to temperature variations, heavy rain and strong winds.
In Achada do Teixeira, on the descent, you can see the “Standing Man” (Homem em pé), a curious basalt rock formation.

Diffculty: Moderate

DisDistancetância: 2,8 km (+ 2.8 km return)

Duration: 1h30

Lowest point: 1862 m

Highest point: 1592 m

Start: Achada do Teixeira

Finish: Achada do Teixeira

Recommendations: The weather can change very easily. Take warm clothing.

Access: Only by car