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In Madeira, there is always something to discover. We are constantly amazed by the flavours and sensations, the joy and simplicity of people, which make us vibrate with their authenticity. The desire to welcome people, to be always ready to help celebrate life… festivals, cultural events, gastronomy: coexistence reigns throughout the year.


Where you can breathe quality of life.


In a short time, we can be on one of the highest peaks of the island, and soon after that, take a dip in the sea, always surrounded by absolutely incredible nat-ural landscapes. The lifestyle may be urban, with concerts, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, bars and nightlife, or full of the peaceful of the countryside, all less than an hour away by car.


The subtropical climate allows for various outdoor activities: mountain biking, canoeing, boating, parachuting, golf, trail running, diving… practically every day of the year.


It is so easy to fall in love with these islands.

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Funchal, the capital of Madeira’s archipelago, is the most urban point of these islands. It is full of history, culture as well as entertainment, and it is also the largest tourist centre in the region. It is a charming city, in the form of an amphitheatre that opens onto a beautiful bay, where the marina and the port are located.


Points of Interest

“Island of Eternal Spring”, “Best Island of the World”, “Tropical Portugal”… Madeira receives so many attributes as it offers unique moments that leave any visitor with a full heart.


Culture and heritage

With 6 centuries of history, these islands are guardians of a rich cultural heritage. The offer is wide and of high quality, from beautiful buildings such as churches and chapels, through the artistic interest of the monuments that coexist with the daily hustle and bustle of the city, to the museums and traditional cultural centres, which have inheritances from various origins.



Thanks to the subtropical climate and volcanic soils, Madeira’s cuisine is based on fresh and varied local ingredients. Traditional dishes include “tuna steak with fried corn”, “sword steak”, “skewers”, “passion fruit pudding”, “limpets”, among others.


Madeira’s wine

A visit to Madeira is not complete without tasting the famous Madeira’s wine: whoever has tasted it knows well what we are talking about…


It results from the fruit of the region’s vineyards, delicately cultivated by hand, in small poios lands (terraced landscapes), either in the mountains or by the sea. It is a liqueur wine (alcohol content of 17-22% vol.), where natural fermentation is interrupted by the addition of alcohol (fortification). Bottles should be stored upright and have a long shelf life.


Madeira’s Embroidery

Madeira’s embroidery is synonymous with quality and tradition. It is the customization of a piece, with an absolutely impressive dedication, that has prevailed throughout the centuries.


Embroidery is made manually, with experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. There are several types of stitches (such as garanitos, caseados, bastidos, etc.) and, depending on the size of the printed design, it may take several months to produce (embroider), for example, a unique tablecloth.



These islands are an invitation to well-being and relaxation. The climate, the calmness, the proximity of the water, the aromas and colours of the landscapes, make this an ideal destination for those seeking to keep out of daily stress.