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Farmers’ Market

Mercado dos Lavradores is located at the heart of the historic centre, in the old town of Funchal. Its building is the result of the combination of Art Deco and Modernism, it was inaugurated in 1940 and built by Edmundo Tavares. Inside there are some panels of tiles from 1940, by Faiança Batisttini de María de Portugal, produced in the old Sacavém factory and painted by João Rodrigues.


This market offers a wide variety of local products: fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, fish, crafts, herbs and spices. It is one of the meeting points between locals as well as tourists, and has several shops and some cafés. There you will also find some typical delicacies, such as wine and garlic meat sandwiches, bolo do caco, and various sweets such as queijadas and regionally made chocolates.


Porto Santo