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Madeira Wine and Embroidery

Madeira wine – highly typical but very distinct, served as both an aperitif and after-dinner drink, with its unique character and aromas – has already won fans throughout the entire world. It is a fortified wine with a history spanning more than five centuries, produced in the hills and wineries of the Demarcated Region of the Island of Madeira. Those who have tried it know what we’re talking about, and those who haven’t should do so.


Madeira embroidery is an art and a tradition, with an absolutely stunning level of detail and quality. It is something that can be felt in every piece. The fabrics used are linen, silk, cotton and organdy. The designs of the pieces use traditional as well as modern patterns. In the end, once embroidered, they receive the “unique” seal making each piece one-of-a-kind and special.