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Cable cars

Cable car trips in Madeira offer a different perspective of the island, and an experience that provokes mixed feelings of serenity and adrenaline rush.


There are several cable cars scattered throughout the island that offer rides over the city, gardens, valleys, cliffs or beaches. You will find them in places like Funchal, Achadas da Cruz, Cabo Girão, Garajau or Santana, and with landscapes as beautiful as challenging.


The Funchal cable car is one of the most sought after since it allows you to travel from the old part of the city to Monte (560 meters above sea level), with the highest tower on the route at 39 meters above sea level. Floating over this picturesque city with the sea on the horizon, and having the lush gardens of Monte as a point of reference is an unmissable adventure.


The Fajã dos Padres cable car offers one of the most exclusive experiences: visiting the picturesque Fajã do Padres, enjoying a descent of more than 300 meters, seeing and feeling the grandeur of the island’s orography, and entering a world of harmony and tranquillity, made of sea, beaches, vineyards, fruit trees and flowers.


Porto Santo