When visiting Bordal, a Madeira Embroidery Company in the island, you’ll have a historical and unique experience.

To understand Madeira Embroidery there’s nothing like see and feel the steps, all the way through the process of production. For this reason, Bordal keep its stores and its factory the same way it was years ago, since it all began. Some of the visitors get emotional during the visit to Bordal, mainly those ones who had some family histories related to this lovely and unique type of art.



Madeira Embroidery its present in our island since XV century. The knowledge is passed from generation to generation, until today. In the end of XIX century this art is recognized, commercialized and exported to the world. The accuracy, the passion and the technique to produce Madeira Embroidery has more than 150 years of history. Around 100 years ago, Madeira had almost 50 000 embroiderers of all ages.

During decades this was part of the daily life of Madeirean families. Today, around the Island, we can still find some embroiderers who keep this tradition alive. It’s hours and hours, covering the blue lines printed on cotton, linen or organdy creating pieces of the highest quality and beauty.



At Bordal, it’s possible to experience the “behind the scenes” of Madeira Embroidery in two different ways:

1. By visiting the historical route, where every guest is guided through a historical and cultural visit that will take you back in time. Old registrations, materials, tools, photos and embroideries are exposed in the local where, today, Madeira Embroidery is still produced.

2. Doing a workshop to learn how to do Madeira Embroidery. An experience where expert embroiderers teach you 6 different embroidery stitches. A learning experience that happens right in the heart of Bordal Factory, which is a true live museum.


Over the years, Bordal joined tradition with innovation and has been creating timeless pieces.

Today, they produce and export pieces around the world in various segments. They are specialized in products for tables, bath and especially baby and child, with embroidered pieces for every moment, from the first small steps of the smallest clients.

Over the years the work has also attracted the attention of clients all over the world. They produce and export both to end customers as well as to internationally renowned stores that sell embroidery in various countries such as the United States, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, among others.



TThey also had the opportunity to work with various fashion designers and recognized national and international brands. In 2015, they collaborated with Chanel in the creation of 11 designs of collars with Madeira Embroidery for their Spring / Summer collection.

They have over 60 000 designs in archives and continue to create new designs. In the online store they present great part of the pieces and it is also possible to know all the historical process of the production of Madeira Embroidery.



Bordal is waiting for your visit. They have one of the shops and their factory in the old part of the city, near the Farmers Market. And the other store is in the tourist area of the city, in front of the Official Residence of the President of the Regional Government. Those are places full of history. Some days, you can find an embroiderer at the store door to show this art, live.


Do not miss this cultural experience, visit Bordal and get to know the Madeira Embroidery.