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Madeira and Porto Santo are part of a group of Portuguese islands located in the Atlantic, 90 minutes away from Lisbon (by plane).


Madeira and Porto Santo are the two main islands, and the only ones inhabited. The Desertas and Selvagens Islands are nature reserves and refuges for multiple species of birds, plants and sea lions, and can be visited with prior authorization.


We have a multifaceted culture, like our mild climate all along the year, but with microclimates throughout the archipelago.


The islands have a 6 century history, and were founded by feats of bravery, hard work and traditions, as well as enriched by the production of sugar cane, its famous wine and, more recently, by tourism. There are several cultural celebrations, such as the famous flower festival and the wine festival. There are also many musical, gastronomic and pyrotechnic events. On the islands, Christmas is called “A Festa”, since this is how its inhabitants live this time of year.


The Madeira Islands are the best island destination in Europe, due to its climate, proximity among islands, nature, culture, adventure, wellbeing and hospitality without equal.


Of volcanic origin, Madeira has a great diversity of natural landscapes, including Laurissilva da Madeira, a forest declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The idyllic landscapes are ideal for a stroll among ancient trees and visit impressive caves, cascades and waterfalls. From isolated villages and fajãs, and flower gardens, to mountains and rock and sandy beaches, Madeira offers options for all kinds of outdoor activities. Madeira’s famous trails are ideal for long walks and one of the favourites among the world elite of trail running, mountain biking and canyoning.


Madeira Island has about 270,000 inhabitants, of whom 100,000 live in Funchal, the capital of the islands. It is a city with historical neighbourhoods, lush gardens, paradisiacal beaches, world-renowned museums and many churches and squares of important architectural character.

Porto Santo

Porto Santo is a haven of tranquillity. One of its most outstanding landscapes is a tropical beach of about 9 kilometres long with fine golden sandy dunes, therapeutic properties and a clear turquoise sea. It has around 5,000 residents and an impressive geodiversity, with several peaks, small sheltered bays as well as smaller islands around it; all of them places to discover through long treks.