In the last years, Madeira has been. honorably, elected the Best European Island. An award that make us feel very proud and with a big big smile in our faces.

Madeira Island is somehow special!! At least, most of the ones who visited us, say so. Being recognized as the Best European Island, for the 6th time, its something that makes us incredibly happy and supports this opinion. Yes, its true, its the 6th time that Madeira won this award. The words are small to thank you for voting in our destination as the best in Europe.

We like to believe that we truly are a different and unique island. Whether for our location, for our landscapes, for our mild climate all year around, for our friendly people, for our nature, for our sea, for oura nature activities, for our traditions…. Maybe all of this, together, in one place, in one island, in one destination is what really make us special. Is that so? After all we are an Island full of different things to do and plenty of activities to experiences. Around here, you can start your day on a boat trip in the sea. After thtat you can enjoy a great meal in one of our restaurants in Funchal Old Town, and then end your day in one of the highest peaks of the island, seeing a beautiful and breathtaking sunset.

If you think about doing all of this in one day, it seems to be too much and 24h hours don’t look enough. But that’s the magic of Madeira. This amazing Island has conditions for that and allow you to have this kind of unique experiences.

A destination that will surprise you, we still believe that there’s so much to be discovered by you.

We want to share Madeira with you, even more than we already do. For that reason we are OFFERING A TRIP TO MADEIRA for 2 people.

We want you to come and see the island for yourselves. We want you to have the pleasure to say that you already visited the Best European Island.

And now, the main question: “How can I win this trip to Madeira?”

The answer can be found here:

Are you going to try your luck? Of course you’ll do. Participate, this could be the year that you visit Madeira Island.