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The nature of the islands is magical. It awakens all the senses, through its thousand shades of green, the charming song of the birds, the fresh water that flows in the waterfalls, the smell of flowers and moist soil. Here you live peacefully, surrounded by landscapes that allow you to meditate, be and feel alive.


Nature is varied and includes the Laurissilva Forest, a World Heritage Site (UNESCO), rare flowers and birds, endless cliffs and trails, farm terraced landscapes and cloud-capped peaks where you can go hiking, running, and play extreme sports.


There are serene bays and peninsulas, fajãs next to the sea, islets and deserted islands that protect sea lions; waterfalls, parks, and flower gardens. It is the true union with nature, present throughout the island.

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There are different experiences that can be lived in nature, such as walks around cascades and waterfalls in the Laurissilva Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you walk up Madeira’s highest peaks, you can feel the adrena-line rising as you climb above 1,000 meters altitude. There are interesting rock formations along the route of the São Lourenço’s peninsula, where you can end the day with a dip in the sea.


Natural Parks

Madeira Natural Park, opened in 1982, is classified as a Biogenetic Reserve. It occupies approximately 2/3 of the territory and is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions on Madeira Island.


Gardens and Parks

Madeira is also known for the variety of its gardens and parks, carefully cared and appreciated by locals as well as visitors. The subtropical climate allows the survival of a wide variety of flowers, plants and trees from all over the world, whose aromas and colours give the island a natural charm. Strelicias, magnolias, anthuriums, orchids… there are always flowers blooming, in any season.