When you visit Madeira, you will learn that a hike is much more than a simple path. It is an intense outdoor experience, where everything is magical and fascinating. To reach the most amazing and dramatic landscapes, there is nothing better than going on foot along walking trails next to the canals known as “levadas”. “Levadas” are irrigation canals that were built in the past to bring water from the north slopes, where it existed in abundance, to the south side of the Island.

There are some places that you will be only able to see by foot. Alone, way from everything.

Nowadays, these channels continue to work with this function and are also widely used for walking,while being in full contact with nature.


Porto Santo

There are various types of trails throughout Madeira. Some of the easier ones are ideal for beginners, or for those who just want to walk and enjoy a fascinating outdoor experience. Others require a higher skill level, but are breathtaking in their exuberance. In all, there are more than 2,000 km to explore, from sea level to 1,861 metres. The central mountains and the island’s northern side have more mountainous routes, with more accessible trails in the south.
Access to the deep heart, inside the Island, as you follow these primitive rails and irrigation canals.

"There are trails for everyone. Trails for the begginers and trails for the ones with more experience!"