Pack your bags and get ready for a getaway to Porto Santo island.


Rain or shine, clouds or starry skies, this Island is always worthy of a visit. It has a cosy atmosphere, a relaxing environment, a stunning scenery and a dreamy beach. Follow our tips and rejuvenate in Porto Santo!



Travel to Porto Santo, from Madeira, by ship or plane. By plane, the trip is much faster (about 20 minutes. If you choose to travel by boat, you can admire beautiful views along the South coast of Madeira and, with some luck, spot a few dolphins.

The trip by the ferry boat “Lobo Marinho” has a timed departure from Funchal, around 8 a.m. or 6 p.m. Over 2 and a half hours you can contemplate the southeastern part of Madeira and be greeted by Ilhéu da Cal and the golden beach of Porto Santo Island. As you sail towards the port, you will feel the sun energy cheering you up before you arrive at your hotel.



Among the various accommodation options on the island is the Hotel Vila Baleira. The excellent hospitality, the thalassotherapy centre, the gastronomy, the beach bar and the comfort of the rooms are some of the many reasons that make this hotel so special.



Restore your energies with a “lambeca” at Vila Baleira. These handmade ice creams are one of the classics of the Island. At nightfall, the population congregates around the Church, to chat and indulge in one of these ice creams.



If you are looking for a restaurant, we propose beautiful meals at the Vila Baleira Hotel, at the Golf Course Restaurant, at Calheta’s, among many other options. Fresh fish and local grapes are always recommended.

The comfort of a good meal and conversation, followed by a beautiful walk by the pier are the perfect ending for a first day.

Have a nice rest.



The Porto Santo beach is lovely! Its golden, soft sand, stretching over  9 km, with surrounding dunes and islets, are fascinating, at first sight. From dawn to dusk, you will enjoy this magical place. One of the best ways to feel the benefits of the sand in Porto Santo is to experience the Psamotherapy (Therapy with hot sands) of Hotel Porto Santo’s Spa.



With scientifically proven results, the sands of Porto Santo have therapeutic properties that you can feel immediately on your skin. Here, there are several baths with heated sand (about 40ºC) where we lie down, for 30 minutes, covered by sand up to the neck area. The sensation is of total relaxation. Try it!



Discover the rich geological heritage of Porto Santo, through a Jeep tour (GEOSAFARI), with the agency Lazer Mar. It is beautiful to adventure through the interior of the island, with several stops for contemplation and photographs. The knowledge of the guides and the discovery of absolutely fascinating landscapes are well worth this tour. Find unforgettable places such as Morenos, Portela, Flores and the volcanic columns of Pico Ana Ferreira



The sunset invites you to wander along the beach to Calheta. The view of the sun disappearing behind the Ilhéu da Cal is a beautiful moment. The Porto Santo nights have an unusual charm. The bright moon over the beach, the stars, the sound of the sea, and the dunes offer a truly romantic scenery…




Visit the Golf Course, designed by the famous golf player Steve Ballesteros. Get ready for a course with unforgettable views and a Club House that offers excellent conditions, ambience and charming decor.



Do not miss the Thalassotherapy centre (Therapy with sea water) and book one of the many relaxing massages. The THALASSO Spa is well equipped, spacious, well looked after and professionally staffed. You can opt for the VITAPOOL circuit which includes a swimming pool, a relaxation pool and a lively pool. There are also the sauna and Hamman rooms, suitable for body relaxation, rheumatism, cellulite combat and other therapeutic effects.



Feel the pleasure of relaxing on the beach, with the sound of the waves as the background music. Fill the day with dives in the sea, sunbathing and caipirinhas in the beach bar.



On your return, the nostalgia and peace of the Golden Island filling your soul will make you feel rejuvenated.

Enjoy a weekend in Porto Santo!