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Porto Santo

If there are places that seem to have come from out of a dream, Porto Santo is undoubtedly one of them. Porto Santo is the smallest inhabited island of the archipelago, with an area of 42 km2, only 11 kilometers long and only 6 kilometers wide. This little paradise is located just 50 km away from Madeira, with a long and gorgeous golden beach covering nearly the entire southern coast of this fascinating island. Its calm, restful atmosphere and renowned therapeutic qualities are always waiting to be experienced and explored by you.


With its iconic beach, Porto Santo has so much to offer. Discovering Porto Santo is to immerse oneself in a breathtaking location, at the whim of the waves. It is swimming in warm, transparent waters touching fine golden sand, and being overtaken by a sense of well-being. The climate of Porto Santo is dry and stable, with little thermal variations between seasons, so you can go to the beach, for a swim all year around. Learn more here.

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If you want to know the essential information about Madeira and Porto Santo in a quick and practical way, check out our online brochure and find out the best that these Atlantic islands have to offer… because not all paradises are on the other side of the world!

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Porto Santo


A 9-kilometre golden sand, along with a sea of calm, crystalline waters and pleasant temperatures, placed Porto Santo beach on the map of paradisiacal destinations, especially after having been chosen as the best “dune beach” in the contest “7 Wonders – Portuguese Beaches”.

Porto Santo


We know that Porto Santo is synonymous with tranquillity. But if you are looking to stay active while during your holidays, there are several options for you to choose. You may take a walking tour to the mountains or to climb either Pico Branco or Pico Castelo. If you like adventure, try joining a jeep or bicycle tour. But if you choose to be by the sea, you can practice water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, SUP or take a boat to do whale watching.

Porto Santo


Porto Santo’s island, for all its characteristics and therapeutic qualities, is the ideal destination for a different and peaceful vacation, where you can relax, while taking care of your health. Here, both the sea water and the warm sands of the beach are the main ingredients of the therapies available in the island’s spas.