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Diving & Snorkelling

With a water temperature between 18°C and 24°C, it is possible to dive in Por-to Santo throughout the year, with excellent visibility conditions, up to about 40 meters deep!


The most interesting places for diving are those where the boats are located, specifically sunken for this purpose. This is the case of the “Madeirense” ship, sunk in 2001, which contains a rich marine fauna; or the “Corvette General Pe-reira d ‘Eça”, sunk in July 2016 and whose biodiversity is constantly growing. They are about 30 meters deep, but both experienced and beginner divers can find several diving sites. Baixa do Cotrim (within the network of marine pro-tected areas) has a maximum depth of 22 meters and allows access to several schools of fish.


There are diving schools specialized in excursions, baptisms and equipment rental, with tube or in freediving, that can help you live this experience.

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