The Best European Island 2018+ info


For those with rheumatic, iatric and orthopaedic problems, the island of Porto Santo’s therapeutic qualities make it the ideal destination for a different kind of peaceful holiday. Here, the sands and ocean waters are the main ingredients in the treatments and therapies offered at spas and specialized centres. Let yourself be pampered in one of the many natural treatments of the Porto Santo thalassotherapy center, which means “sea therapy” in Greek. The sea water of Porto Santo is used in treatments, due to the high amounts of strontium, chromium and iodine, elements beneficial to health. Similarly, the spring water of this island is also rich in essential components for the well-being of the human body.


The beach of Porto Santo also stands out, for its sand with carbonated properties, composed of sediments of corals, shells and sea urchins.
Scientifically recognized for its therapeutic properties, that help in the treatment of rheumatic and bone diseases, this sand is one of the elements that integrates the treatments developed by the Center of Geomedicine of Porto Santo.


Come to visit, and relax while you treat yourself.