Did you know that Madeira Island is a great place to practice radical activities all year round? In short distances, you can find a vast variety of landscapes, terrains, streams, rails, levadas, forests and beaches.

You can practice these activities on land, on air, on water, or even in a perfect fusion of all these elements.


Mountain Biking

According to the official website of RedBull, Madeira is one of the five best European destinations to practice mountain biking, during winter. Great athletes like Steve Peat, Loic Bruni, Josh Bryceland, among many others, have enjoyed this experience in Madeira. The mild temperature, as well as the variety of environments, are just some of the points most valued by the practitioners.

Discover mysterious and humid rails in the Fanal, fast descents in Calheta, and Ponta do Pargo, or the steep slope of Poiso, a short distance from the capital. Surprise yourself with the cascades, the tunnels, the forests, the high peaks of the island, the giant ferns and the Canga trails of São Jorge (paths where the old ox cars passed, to transport agricultural goods). There are 365 days a year to have fun. With the sea as a backdrop, the most experienced bikers can descend from 1100 meters to the beach in less than an hour!

Tighten your helmet, release the brake and let go…

At every second there is a decision to make. The mental evasion is brutal, therapeutic, addictive – an incredible sensation.

If you do not have much experience, there are cross-country tours for those who want to start this adventure.

What are you waiting for?





Ready to fly? Paragliding is a free flight mode, with a flexible parachute-like structure. It allows you to fly accompanied by a qualified pilot, with a license to operate with another person (tandem). This activity enables the contemplation of unforgettable aerial views of the sea and cliffs.  The coastline as seen from the air and the sensations that this activity offers are just two of its positive points. There are several places in Madeira where you can fly. The most popular is Sitio do Rochão, in Arco da Calheta at 820 meters altitude. Put on some mountain boots to aid in the landing and prepare yourself for a real mental blast. Happy emotions and the highest sense of freedom in your life are waiting for you…



Canyoning is a great way to discover the interior of the Island. The sensation of exploring the streams that gush from the depths of the mountains, overcoming natural obstacles, is an incredible experience. Ribeiro Frio, Ribeira das Cales and Ribeira do Porto Novo are some of the preferred areas for this activity.

Madeira meets the ideal conditions, climatic and orographic, for the practice of canyoning, and there are courses of different levels of difficulty.

Imagine the murmur of the interior of the forest, the proximity to the waterfalls and the group bonding throughout the experience. It is fun, and challenging activity, where respect for nature grows and reaching the end is a reason for pride and self-surpassing.

The jumps, the rails and the beauty of the Laurissilva Forest are all great reasons to practice canyoning in Madeira.



Coasteering consists of exploring the coastline by rock climbing, jumping and diving into the sea. Ponta de São Lourenço Nature Reserve is one of the places mostly chosen for this activity.

The arid landscape, the marine fauna, the caves and the clear waters of the sea, offer a memorable experience. Coasteering challenges the ability to overcome fear, to discover not only the nature of the Island but also our own capacity.


We recommend that you practice these activities with specialised active tourism companies, to discover the best spots for practice and to guarantee all safety conditions. These can be found on the website madeiraallyear.com.


If you are looking for adventure, a pleasant climate and incredible landscapes, Madeira is an excellent choice!

Discover Madeira!!