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Diving and Snorkelling

To dive in Madeira is to discover a special underwater world. The Atlantic’s marine life, the dive sites at different depths and their excellent visibility, make this an irresistible activity. With the sea temperature between 18 ° and 24 °C you’ll be able to dive all year round and will not want to stop exploring our sea.


Both experienced divers as well as beginners can find several dive sites without having to travel long distances.

Venture out on our sea!

Our sea provides memorable experiences while creating images of undeniable beauty. Discover the ideal spots to discover our coastline and the nautical events that make our waters move.

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In Madeira there are places where you can dive directly from the beach, such as “Galo”, “Reis Magos” or “Caniçal”. One of the most sought-after locations is Garajau nature reserve, which offers 7 diving spots. Here you can see barracudas, morays, amberjacks, cutlassfish, mackerels, salemas, giant anemones and rays. Other features of this place include giant groupers that often come in close contact with the divers.


In Porto Santo there’s good visibility up to 40 meters of depth! The most interesting diving spots are the artificial reefs formed around shipwrecks sunken at 30 meters of depth.

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