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Excellent visibility, a shipwreck transformed into a coral reef and countless friendly sea creatures make this immersive “world of blue” an irresistible attraction for any diver. It’s just like entering a new world of colours, shapes and treasures, making every minute an incomparable experience worthy of sharing. Bring your camera and take advantage of this journey. With mild weather and water temperatures you will find yourself in na endless discovery of our sea. The temperatures, ranging between 18º to 25º degrees, make our ocean very appetizing.


You will find several diving schools on the islands, as well as companies specialized in this kind of tours, baptisms and equipment rental. With a scuba bottle or apnea, venture into the crystal-clear waters of Madeira.


In one of these experiences, you can see moray eels, groupers, rays, bream and even garden eels. These species will welcome you to their home!


There is also the possibility of diving with dolphins. These friendly marine mammals love having company and interact with divers who pay them a visit.


In the Madeira Archipelago, you can also find some marine reserves, caves and shipwrecks, that await you and your explorer skills. There’s a lot to discover!


Explore the Sea of Madeira, an increasingly visited blue world.


Porto Santo

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