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Dolphins and Whales Watching

With an ocean bottom more than 3,000 metres deep, the Madeira coast is the home to rich fauna ready to be discovered. Here, a boat tour is always full of surprises, with the chance to cross paths with a whale or a friendly group of dolphins. In this way, you can still relax and have a day on the beach in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The option of taking a boat tour between islands, in good times of leisure and discovery, is always a great choice for a different perspective of the archipelago.


You can go to the Desertas Islands and meet the refuge of the Mediterranean Monk Seal, better known as Lobo Marinho (sea lion). On one of these tours you can also dive into our waters which, throughout the year, have pleasant and very inviting temperatures.


Do not stay ashore, embark on this adventure!

Venture out on our sea!

Our sea provides memorable experiences while creating images of undeniable beauty. Discover the ideal spots to discover our coastline and the nautical events that make our waters move.

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