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Madeira is a passionate destination for surf lovers!


Thanks to the island’s topography, the waves are perfect, clear and with characteristic “point breaks”. The average ripple is 2 meters with high frequency throughout the year. Madeira is considered a surfer’s paradise in Europe!

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Our sea provides memorable experiences while creating images of undeniable beauty. Discover the ideal spots to discover our coastline and the nautical events that make our waters move.

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In Madeira, there are several attractions to surfing. In addition to the famous “point breaks”, the volcanic landscapes surrounding the beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. The waves are especially “uncrowded” and on the beaches, there are channels of circulation which make the “line up” for surfers easier. The surf’s high season is between September and May, with months of excellence, from November to January. The climate is mild, be it winter or summer, and seawater temperature ranges from 18º to 24º C, which means that you can surf almost every day of the year!

On Madeira Island, the surf spots are world class. International surfers have named it the Atlantic’s Hawaii. Icons such as Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker or Garrett McNamara are fascinated by the potential of our waves, on pebbled beaches. Porto Santo Island, on the other hand, has golden, soft sand beaches where the waves are also attractive for beginner surfers


Get to know the most sought after beaches in the Madeira Archipelago for surfing:

Surfer Level: beginner/intermediate
Praia de Machico, Praia da Lagoa, Praia da Maiata – Madeira
Praia do Cabeço e Cais – Porto Santo

Intermediate / advanced
Fajã da areia, Achadas da Cruz, Praia do Seixal, Lugar de Baixo, Cabo Girão- Madeira
Praia do Matador, Praia da Serra de Dentro – Porto Santo

Advanced level / expert
Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Ponta pequena, Ribeira da janela, Contreiras – Madeira

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