While preparing your suitcase to travel to Madeira, keep in mind that you will be traveling to a subtropical island.  The climate is mild with average temperatures around 18 ° C in winter and 25 ° C in summer. It is rare for temperatures to exceed 30 ° C in the summer, and in winter, temperatures below 15 ° C will mostly be found in the island’s highest areas. Above all, be prepared for daring weather variations- several microclimates and the 4 seasons of the year in a single day.



Within a few hours you can take a dip in the warm Atlantic Ocean, and then drive to one of the highest peaks of the island (Pico do Areeiro), where you will find a place of unparalleled beauty and majestic nature. At one point you may be in a sunbathing suit, and soon thereafter you may reach altitudes above 1800 m (over a sea of ​​clouds) dressed with a warm coat to enjoy an absolutely breathtaking mountainous landscape.



One of the advantages of this diversified climate is that it allows nature and sea activities, all year round. Mountain biking, boating, paragliding, canyoning, jeep tours, surfing, diving, golf, trail running, hiking. There are challenges for all.



Take your climbing and mountaineering boots and hiking jacket. Keep your swimsuit close at hand, as you may soon feel like diving in the Atlantic. Enjoy the pleasant evening’s temperature to dine out, to get to know Funchal’s lifestyle or the island’s cultural events.



In the middle of winter, you can be surprised by beautiful summer mornings. During spring breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the  sea breeze. Feel the warm November sun, in autumn. In summer, if it’s too hot, there is always the possibility of cooling off. You can do it on one of our beaches or in the natural lava pools.



As for the suitcase, bring light clothing and a bathing suit, hiking shoes, a coat and a few pieces of warm clothing. Prepare for the hot sun by the sea as well as the mountain chills.

In Madeira you can find, in a single day, a bit of the 4 seasons and believe us, it’s incredible.