Surfing in Madeira is great!

It is especially appreciated for its world-class waves!

In these Islands, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the waves break perfectly. You’ll find limpid and constant waves, with average heights of 2 meters and a high frequency throughout the year. The best time to surf is between September and May, with the months from November to January being the most attractive.




Surfs’ beaches are made of rolled pebbles, especially sought after by professional surfers such as Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker or Garrett McNamara, attracted by the potential of its big waves.


The topography of Madeira is a determining factor for the formation of these perfect waves, with its characteristic “Point breaks”. But there are many other characteristics of Madeira, that attract surf lovers. The exclusivity and beauty of this volcanic island, whose beaches are surrounded by paradisiacal landscapes, green mountains and water cascades that run down to the sea. Its mild climate throughout the year and its tepid, almost deserted waters are just a few of the Island’s features





In Madeira, surfing is highly recommended! Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find excellent beaches, such as Maiata Beach (Porto da Cruz) where there is also a Surf Camp, to practice and improve your skills.

Enjoy the powerful waves of Jardim do Mar or the clean curves of the ocean, on the beaches of Paul do Mar and Ponta Pequena. Ponta do Pargo is also one of the many surf gems of Madeira, accessible only by boat. On the North Coast of Madeira, ride the immense waves of Fajã da Areia (São Vicente) where you can also find accompanying infrastructures for changing.

The beaches also have channels for circulation of the surfers that facilitate the “line up”, to catch  the wave. Add in its “uncrowded” factor, little wind and unforgettable landscapes, and the dream surf beach awaits you.


Just a short boat ride from Funchal, the beaches of Porto Santo Island are about 2 hours and 15 minutes away. Discover the clean waves of Praia do Cabeço or Praia da Lagoa. The waves of Porto Santo, a practically virgin paradise with golden, soft sand, are especially suitable for beginner surfers who want to learn this challenging  sport.




Surfing in Madeira cannot be explained, only experienced!

It is only you and nature, sharing a moment of pure adrenaline, feeling the warm environment, in and out of the water, hearing the noise of the sea, and enjoying the inexplicable balance, between the waves, the surfboard, the mind and the body.

From the sea to the mountain, from sunrise to sunset, alone with the island and its good vibes…

Come and surf in Madeira – See you in the sea!

Discover Madeira!