Did you know that the Porto Santo sand and sea water have therapeutic properties?

If you are looking for a Zen moment, where all the attentions are aimed at taking care of you, your health and your well-being, try Psamotherapy and the Thalassotherapy in Porto Santo. The spas are beautiful and very well looked after. Their ambiance inspires peace, delicacy and balance. As a therapeutic means, in the Psamotherapy hot sands are used and in the Thalassotherapy, sea water.

The therapeutic benefits of the Porto Santo island have long been known. The relaxation provided is so attractive, that one gets the desire to return year after year…


How it all began…

By the 1970s, several German and American doctors discovered the therapeutic properties of the island’s sand and sea water. They found that by covering their bodies daily with warm sand and diving in the sea, their patients improved their physical condition.

Subsequently, the University of Oslo and Aveiro scientifically proved these improvements. It turns out that the sand of Porto Santo has physical, chemical and thermal properties, which contribute to one’s health. This very fine, carbonated and biogenic sand, made up of marine microorganisms, algae and mollusk shells, easily adheres to the skin. As it is rich in natural anti-inflammatories such as strontium, these can be absorbed by the skin. For this to happen, warm sand must be in contact with the skin for 30 minutes. The heat produces sweat that dissolves and releases the minerals from the sand, which are thus absorbed by the skin. After about 10 treatments, the benefits begin to manifest themselves. Sea water, rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium, also contributes to health and relaxation.


How are Thalassotherapy treatments done?

Thalassotherapy treatments take place at the Hotel Vila Baleira’s Thalasso Spa. This center has a Vitapool circuit with Porto Santo sea water, which must be traversed in a certain order and time, to maximize relaxation. There is also a sauna, a Turkish bath, a hammam, a jogging path freshwater and jet showers, several swimming pools and massage / treatment rooms. Qualified therapists are available to provide all the information. Additionally, there are treatments of acupuncture, therapy and inhalation with marine aerosols, recommemded in the treatment of sinusitis and other respiratory problems. The manual massage of Vichy Shower is one of the most sought after as it uses jets of sea water to massage the body. Very relaxing.


How are the treatments of Psamotherapy?

In the Spa of the Hotel Porto Santo there are vats or baths with heated sands, duly maintained to guarantee the temperature, humidity and hygiene appropriate to the treatments. Those interested in these treatments will have to take the bathing suit (to increase the surface of contact with the skin) and should not eat heavy meals on the day of treatment. Upon arrival at the spa, a therapist measures your blood pressure and fills in a medical record. People with heart, circulatory, kidney or hypertension / hypotension problems can not undergo Psamotherapy. If everything is accordingly, they go to the treatment (sand bath), which consists of lying on the warm sand and being completely covered with sand, up to the neck. Contact with sand occurs for 30 minutes. After this time you should relax for one hour (minimum) and drink plenty of fluids. The temperature of the sand is around 40º C. Two sessions per day, of 30 minutes each, are recommended. Psamotherapy is indicated in the treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and fibromyalgia.

Combine the useful with the pleasant…Take care of your health and discover Porto Santo!