We all travel in search of unique places, out of our routine. We want to find places that make us relax and feel good, providing memorable moments, right? But today, we also travel in the expectation of telling our story and sharing it with our friends and family, especially through our social networks. So, in this article, you can get to know the most spectacular places in Madeira, which are the ideal setting for that fantastic photo, which will win many likes on Instagram!


1. #lagoadovento

Whether in the distance or nearby, the giant waterfall cascade captivates any lover of photography. Do you dare to take a dip in its transparent waters?

Location: 32°45’20.1″N 17°08’05.4″W


2. #miradourodosbalcões

This balcony is a “trademark of Madeira”. You will be able to recognise this place, in one of the promotional campaigns of the destination, with open views of a beautiful green valley. On clear days, we can see two of the island’s highest peaks. Pico do Areeiro, and Pico Ruivo are on one side, and the curious volcanic mountain “Penha D’Águia” on the other.

Location: 32°44’29.0″N 16°53’24.6″W



3. #praiadoseixal

On the beautiful north coast of Madeira, you will find this beach, which looks more like a Hawaiian postcard… The contrast between the lush green mountains and the black sand beach is the ideal inspiration for many photographs or videos. After the photos, leave the camera aside and try surfing on this beach. Enjoy the tip ;).

Location: 32°49’20.2″N 17°06’11.1″W



4. #picodoarieiropicoruivo

“Stairway to heaven” or “head in the clouds” are some of the most commonly used hashtags when it comes to this location. It has one of the most challenging and incredible trails of Madeira, as it reaches 1862 meters of altitude. We recommend that you take this route, accompanied by a mountain guide.

Location: 32°45’32.7″N 16°56’39.2″W



5. #miradourodagargantafunda

If you are looking for impressive and dizzying views, this Belvedere is a must stop. It is next to Pedregal road, in Ponta do Pargo, the most westerly point of Madeira. From there you can see one of the highest waterfalls on the Island …impressive!

Location: 32°49’11.3″N 17°15’05.3″W



6. #pontadesãolourenço

This is one of the most iconic places in Madeira, at the easternmost tip of the Island. Find the place where the sea and the sky meet, between an arid scenery, volcanic formations and a beauty worthy of many “Instastories”.

Location: 32°44’35.6″N 16°42’03.6″W

Photo @buchowski.vagabonde



7. #cascatapontadosol

Do you like waterfalls? This one is on the regional road 10, between Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar, and is very Instagrammable! Take the bathing suit and freshen up, because the fun is guaranteed!

Note: Since this is an old road, we leave an alert for its use with common sense and due precautions.

Location: 32°41’12.0″N 17°06’49.9″W



8. #jardimmontepalace

In this exotic garden, there is no shortage of colours, plants, sculptures, precious stones and tiles to photograph. Here you will find bridges, lakes and waterfalls of incredible romanticism. There are also areas of oriental inspiration, where the red of Chinese pagodas blends in with the lush green of the Madeiran flora, the perfect contrast for unforgettable photos.

Location: 32°40’26.5″N 16°54’07.2″W



9. #fanal

Fanal is a mystical place with centenary trees of large roots and sturdy trunks, covered with “bearded lichens” and moss…it looks like out of the movie “Lord of the Rings”; undoubtedly a place of exceptional beauty!

Location: 32°48’52.5″N 17°08’47.8″W


10. #portodassalemas

These natural pools in Porto Santo have different sizes and shapes. Its water is crystal clear, allowing you to see the fishes, even with the naked eye! The pools, the reflections of the sun on the water, the volcanic rocks and the sea are the perfect composition for an extraordinary photographic moment.

Location: 33°05’35.2″N 16°20’49.8″W


Apart from these places, many other locations deserve to be photographed and well kept in your memories. Madeira is an authentic work of nature’s art. That’s why… Madeira is a paradise for Instagrammers!