Are you ready for a whale and dolphin watching boat trip?

Here in Madeira, you’ll have a great time in this trip, for sure!

This whale and dolphin watching boat trip from Madeira is an unforgettable experience for the whole family, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This boat trip is more than just watching these beautiful creatures! You’ll also get to know a lot about cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and particularly about the ones around Madeira and about all the sea life around the island.


Come on board on one of the two Rigid Inflatable Passenger Boats (RIB) and let us take you out to the dolphins and whales that visit Madeira Island waters every day! For that you can join Rota dos Cetáceos, a company that is specialized in dolphin and whale observations and will guarantee you an awesome experience.



One Marine Biologist will give you a briefing about what to expect regarding the trip, about the species of cetaceans that we usually observe around Madeira and what to do and not do, to have a great ride and find these beautiful creatures.

The biologist will also go on board and keep you updated about what’s going on. As we find some species you will be informed about them and their behavior. During the all ride feel free to ask any questions that you might have. It’s is always a pleasure to tell you about our favorite animals!



There are observers in land, who, from the mountains, give directions to easily find the animals. Once the mammals are tracked, it’s time to speed up and head to the whales and dolphins to watch them closely. While near to the animals, there’s a certain distance that is respected to not disturb them and then you have some time to observe them in their natural habitat. If there’s time, you may head to a different pod of cetaceans, if not, you’ll go back to the harbor, along the coast.



Highlights of the trip:

> 2h30m of whale and dolphin watching along the remarkable Southwest Coast of the Madeira Island;

> This whale and dolphin watching boat trip can be done all year round, depending on sea and weather conditions;

> The spacious office of Rota dos Cetáceos company is ideal for the initial briefing about the trip and marine wildlife of Madeira;

> About 28 different species of cetaceans live or come along Madeira, from funny Bottlenose Dolphins to huge Blue Whales. Rota dos Cetáceos always try their best to find some marine mammals, and if you are unlucky to not find them on your first ride, you’ll be invited to join for another trip for free!


Don’t forget::

> Bring sunscreen, swimming gear and a towel;

> Something warm is recommended on the fresher days, warm jacket ou raincoat;

> Safety briefing and life-jackets included in the trip;

> Food and drinks are not included but feel free to take your own snack or water;

> It is kindly request you to check-in 20 minutes before, at Rota dos Cetáceos office, in Marina Shopping Center , Funchal – Store 247.





Boat trips happen every day, all year around.

The address is: Marina Shopping Center – Funchal, Store 247

9000-533 Funchal


Mobile Phone: (+351) 918828242