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  • Madeira is a great destination to visit all year round! Its mild weather, with average temperatures ranging between 18 ºC and 25 ºC (Celsius degrees), and the magic of living experiences, so dictates. However, the choice lies with the personal goals or in the type of holiday you are looking for, of course. Let’s take a look at the various options:


JANUARY: With the cold spreading in the main European capitals, many tourists start the year with a visit to the Island. They seek sunshine, the sea view and the nature trails. In addition, they are met with Christmas lights, usually until the 6th of January, and the Three Kings Singing, in Funchal. It’s a long and appealing month both for travelling and accommodation. The sea temperature stands at 19 ºC, being one of the most desirable months to surf in Madeira!



FEBRUARY: Usually one of the coldest months of the year, but thanks to the subtropical weather of Madeira you may enjoy sunny days, hike in the levada, enjoy a boat ride or a Jeep Tour during February – all great options to enjoy a mini-holiday, during valentine’s day. The Carnival is lived with intensity, with parties, themed evenings and parades, bringing joy to adults and children – have fun!



MARCH: A good month to enjoy a well-being retreat. Be greeted with the warmth hospitality of Madeira, at one of the most beautiful Country Houses of Madeira, or in a SPA hotel. Travel to Porto Santo, take advantage of their wonderful thalassotherapy and psammotherapy treatments, play Golf and discover the charms of this golden island – relax…



APRIL: Trail athletes go to Madeira for an international event – MIUT – a famous running race that crosses, at northwest and southeast, the highest mountain tops of the island. There are plenty of outdoor activities for you to do, throughout the year, as well as, let’s not forget, whale-watching as well as scuba-diving. Enjoy the Easter Holidays to explore unique locations in Madeira, and to travel in the typical toboggans. Rainy days are perfect to visit a museum, or savour a Madeira wine tasting!




MAY: Flowers are abundant in the gardens and in the famous Flower Festival, one of the main attractions of the Island. During this month, many cultural initiatives take place: the European Museum Night, the Here-There Festival at Ponta do Sol, the Aleste Music Festival and the Book Fair of Funchal. You may also get familiar with classic cars at Madeira’s Classic Car Revival, insofar as Madeira is the Portuguese region with the largest number of such cars!



JUNE: Get to know the main attractions of Funchal, with fireworks taking place during each Saturday the month, at the Atlantic Festival. June is also the month in which two international events occur: mountain biking (Trans Madeira) and Canyoning (Madeira Canyoning Meeting). Indulge in the nature, enjoy walks to the Island’s mountain tops, inhale the fresh air of the Laurel Forest and relax by the waterfront… Temperatures start to increase, favouring trips to the beach and the performance of activities in the Atlantic ocean.



JULY: It’s the music festival season! The Funchal Jazz, the Summer Opening and the L Concerts are some of the most sought-out summer events. The beaches of Madeira are composed of rocks and black sand, but if you are interested in seeing the most beautiful golden-dune beaches in Portugal – visit Porto Santo. Summer is just starting, the heat and sunshine are here to stay.



AUGUST: Spend your days sunbathing in the most refreshing swimming pools of the Island. All over the place in the region take place several gastronomy fairs and Summer Festivities, where you may get acquainted with local traditions. Enjoy your family holidays in Madeira – it is an ideal destination! Click here to know more.



SEPTEMBER: Month of the Wine Party, an excellent opportunity for a some vineyard holidays, sprinkled with flavours, traditions and wine tasting. Porto Santo re-enacts the fifteenth century era, with theatre, games, music and gastronomy, at the Colombo’s Festival.



OCTOBER: The Nature Festival allows to enjoy several activities in the mountains, in the air or in the sear, all free-of-charge, throughout one week (subject to registration in the Official Tourism Office). If photography is right up your alley, Madeira has countless instagrammable places and many more for you to discover… Exotic fruits, typical dishes and ponchas, are some of the Island’s other assets, available all year 😉




NOVEMBER: Travel through the scenic roads of Madeira on the way to exploring its Countryside. Get impressed with dazzling views from cable cars and relish the beauty of the 4 natural reserves. During November, the sky has many shades of pink, which allows to watch the most beautiful sunrise



DECEMBER: The year ends with a massive party – Christmas and New Year’s. Yes, you read that right. December is the celebrated with festivities and events in the streets of Funchal. The lights, the Christmas crib, the Birth Masses, the Christmas markets, and the fireworks, all enchant and amuse tourists and locals, with unparalleled Christmas spirit and hospitality …



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