Beyond some of the world’s most idyllic sceneries, Madeira has uncountable activities to be enjoyed throughout the Archipelago.
Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, volcanic caves, green mountains and high cliffs are waiting to be explored and show you that there is nothing boring about this Archipelago.
More than a journey, a collection of experiences and memories.
Beautiful is boring unless you

Surf it

Run it

Swim it

Live it

Taste it

Walk it

Dive it

Beautiful is boring unless you run it.

Trail Running

For athletes who love nature, is almost obligatory to go trail running in Madeira. Put yourself to the test on trails through a UNESCO world natural heritage forest, up mountain summits that touch the skies and along ancient irrigation channels (levadas) that are living testimonies of human ingenuity. Enjoy stunning landscapes with the sea as companion.

Best Running Trails: Baía D’Abra (level: Easy) | Ribeiro Frio (level: Easy) | Pico do Arieiro (level: Moderate) | Machico (level: Moderate) | Pico Ruivo (level: Hard) | São Jorge (level: Hard)

Beautiful is boring unless you dive in it.


For those who don’t believe in boredom, the sea isn’t just a big blue water tank, it’s a new world ready to be explored. Excellent visibility, natural reserves, a shipwreck transformed into a coral reed, and countless friendly animals make this marvelous blue world an irresistible attraction for divers. Diving in Madeira It is like entering a separate universe, with colors, shapes and treasures that make every minute an incredible experience.

Beautiful is boring unless you walk it


Who said that walking is monotonous? When you do it in Madeira, it’s one of the most exciting, invigorating and rewarding experiences to have. Beside all the health benefits of walking, in Madeira you have 3,000 km of irrigation channels that guide you through the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

Best Walking Trails: Levada dos Cedros | Levada das 25 Fontes | Levada do Caldeirão Verde

Beautiful is boring unless you swim in it.

Beaches & Natural Pools

When the mountains meet the deep blue sea we know that we are in the presence of something really special and definitely not boring. Madeira provides you with an amazing coastline with beaches from basalt pebbles, yellow or black sand to natural salt water pools from volcanic origin.

More Information Here Beaches Natural Swiming Pools

Beautiful is boring unless you surf it.


Looking for hours on end to the swell can be monotonous unless you’re in the sea waiting for the perfect wave. Known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic, the Madeira Islands meet all the necessary conditions for an adrenaline rush while surfing its excellent waves, from point breaks to reef breaks.

Beautiful is boring unless you live it.

Dolphins and Whales Watching

There are too many TV documentaries about Cetacean and other water species, but there are only a few lands where you can swim with them. In Madeira you can watch 28 different species of cetaceans that inhabit its waters or that pass by on their migratory routes. Due to the fact that some species are considered vulnerable, there are strict policies on hunting activities but you can still swim these waters and appreciate these cetaceans.

Beautiful is boring unless you live it.


A postcard with a beautiful landscape is fascinating for maybe one minute, right? But what if you were in the middle of it with so much to do and visit? Imagine being in the South of Madeira, at Funchal, the archipelago’s biggest city and its capital. Surrounded by mountains, volcanic peaks and the ocean, Funchal is the perfect city for those who are looking for some Culture, gastronomy and some fun nights out.

Beautiful is boring unless you taste it.


Madeira islands gastronomy represents the soul of its generous and hospitable people. Its secret consists in the use of fresh and varied ingredients, whose origin can be traced to the rich volcanic nature of the island, abundant water and favorable climate. From fish to meat, tropical fruits, sweets, bread such as “bolo do caco” and nutritious vegetables, no one resists its taste.

Beautiful is boring unless you taste it.

Madeira Wine

Madeira wine is the real treasure of Madeira and is also a gift from the islands to the world. It is a fortified wine that has been produced for more than five hundred years, from grapes grown on the hillsides of the madeira wine region. It´s much more than a glass of wine, it is an opportunity to try unlimited tastes and experiences.